If you’re just starting to read this, you might want some background.

I’m writing these posts with the loose chronology of the journey my daughter Sammi undertook from mysteriously unwell, to vaguely diagnosed, to appropriately treated and on the road to a normal life. This lasted nine years, which is far too much to explain in one post.

You can start from the very beginning with my first post, and read from there. Because this blog displays the most recent post first, you’ll need to read from the oldest to the newest posts to get the story in order.

Spoiler: we made it.

debi lewis and her daughter


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2 thoughts on “For New Readers

  1. Wow! just discovered this blog. Your story is my story! I never thought anyone else got it! The love, pain, uncertainty, and frustration, in raising a child with medical needs. The absolute joy in having a “good” day.
    Thank you for this.

    • Thank you, Beth! I know what you mean. Especially in “invisible” issues like my daughter’s, it can feel so isolating unless you talk about it. I hear you!

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